Sunday, September 13, 2009

a week to go...

a week to go before Muslims celebrate Hari Raya after a month of Ramadhan. i really hope this year is better than the previous years. a lot of things I've learnt as my age is getting older year by year. and this year will be the last year as a 'single lady' =)
my preparation for Hari Raya is so-so. i dont want to spend too much since i need to use much much for my wedding. here and there. yada yada. tomorrow i'll be off to KL for a course. i dont know why SBP chose the last week of Ramadhan instead of after Hari Raya. anyway "Saya Yang Menurut Perintah" =)
I was lucky because i've done the shopping thingy last week. if not i'll be in trouble since the course will end on wednesday. no time to go for shopping lah jawabnye.
for Hari Raya, i prepared 'duit raya' for my cousins, nephews and lovely nieces. plus, i bought each of them 'baju raya'. sepasang sorang cukup. hehe. for my parents of course, i bought my mother Arianni tudungs, shoes, handbag n perfume. for my sporting father i bought shirts and pants. i didnt buy anything for me. =(
i think 4 new baju kurung would be enough for me.
alas, Happy Hari Raya to everyone!
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