Tuesday, September 15, 2009

away from school

right now i'm in KL having 'a blast' for 3 days. away from school, away from students' scream here and there. :)
i'm having a course for 3 days here at Hotel Grand Continental KL with SBP educators all over Malaysia. wah! for 2 days dpt buka kt hotel. lots of food! Thank God only 2 days if not xmuat baju pengantin nnti. this year i wont go to hotel for 'berbuka puasa' maklumlah nk kawen kan duit kene jimat cermat. last year galok g buka sana sini. sebok test kat mane food yg paling sedap. this year byk dpt makan free. Alhamdulillah. murah rezeki. today workshop from 7.30a.m until 6.00p.m. only God knows how restless i am. sgt2 penat. plus duk dlm air-conditioned room lagilah wat kepala ini pusing. nie baru dapat masa untuk rehat2 n update blog.
lagi less than 5 days kita akan sambut Aidilfitri right? hows ur preparation? hehe. this year sambut raya dgn besederhana jek. amalkan cara hidup sehat. :) plan for hari raya masih samar2 lagi. donno where to go for 1st Aidilfitri? 2nd Aidilfitri and so on and so forth. donno whether i gonna go to Kuantan or not, all still unclear. whatever. regarding to my wedding preparation i could say i can put my mind at ease because it is still under control. after hari raya lagi giat persiapan itu dijalankan. i cant wait the last day of PMR. uhh, after that i can finally breathe. a big burden seems off from my shoulders. haaah!
i think thats all for today. to be continued
grand continental, KL