Friday, April 30, 2010

Iron Man 2

havent blogged for quite some time...busy sgt...arini dpt mood nk review iron man 2...last nite i & husband watched it...sgt2 best dan teruja! sbbnye ade 1 lg iron man olok2...mmg menunggu citer nie kuar so first day kt wayang jek dh g serbu walaupun dpt tempat depan sekali...giler~ ape2pun it was a GOOD movie! i enjoyed it to the bits! thanks husband for bringing me there walaupun dlm masa ngah perang dingin...=p

Monday, April 12, 2010

how deep is his love?

havent posted anything for quite sometime...sgt2 busy! i was touched by nad's entry actually. it made me thinking of husband for a while. hmm, as for information, my husband already in JB. working here ok! he changed his profession for the sake of our future. sedih kan? after kawen kami duduk berjauhan, weekend husband-wife. tp lama2 asik gaduh jek. then husband pun plan to quit his job and carik keje di JB. Alhamdulillah dh settle down here n there. pengorbanan husband yg wajib dihargai. =(
kami dh dpt rumah tp rumah kerajaan jek lah. dekat dgn sekolah n tempat keje husband. so kami akan moving in insyaAllah next week coz keje2 pembersihan harus dilaksanakan dahulu. hmm, what i would like to say here, sometime we have to sacrifice something in order to get the best thing!

p/s: husband, thanks for everything. u r my man!

Friday, April 2, 2010

it's just not our rezeki yet... genap 3 bln usia pernikahan kami. pagi2 b4 ke sekolah i texted my husband saying that i dh period after a week lewat. my husband mcm dh xhappy jek tp later i said it was just an April's Fool joke! husband was like eeeiiyy...then during lunch hour i went back home to perform my Zohor prayer and to my surprise, waaaa! period...:( terus text my husband. this time dia tanye nie betol2 or main2...betol! huuu...kecewa! but he said to me, its ok...just not our rezeki yet...husband, i think we have to try harder! uweeek!