Sunday, November 28, 2010

hunting for baby stuffs

i think now dh leh start beli barang baby sket2 since berlangsungnya Y.E.S nie kan. husband pon okay since i've entered my 3rd trimester. xkan nk tggu minggu depan nk deliver baru nk carik barang2 baby kan? itu menempah maut namanye. =)
we went to fabulous mom boutique yg JB outlet. pegi pun mase tue dh mlm and almost tutup so xbyk sgt dpt grab. survey punye survey just managed to buy Medela breastpump and nursing bras. yg lain sambung shopping next time. i bought Medela - Mini Electric Package tue pon sbb one of my friends did guna and dia kata ok. so tanpa berfikir pjg beli jek lah. for the package dapat 1 unit of Medela Mini Electric Breastpump and Medela City Style Breastpump Cooler Bag - complete with 4 PP BPA Free bottles, 1 contoured shape ice chiller, 1 mini cooler and 1 sling bag to store the breastpump and the mini cooler set), 1 tube of Purelan nursing cream 7g and 2 pieces loose of Medela bottles (without nipple and nipple cover).hopefully berbaloi lah. nursing bras beli siap2 sbb most of my bras dh xselesa pakai. hikhik. after nie plan nk carik bedding stuffs and etc. nk sambut org baru macam wat preparation wedding jugak rupanya. need lotsa money! hehe
to be continued...

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

mahu bersalin di mana?

until now i still havent decided nk deliver kt mane. even GL letter pun xbuat lg. suka ati jek kan? terlalu byk pendapat lah tentang tempat bersalin nie. org tue ckp kt spital A bagus, org nie ckp spital B bagus n blablabla. ikutkan hospital terdekat dgn rumah mmg Pakar Puteri lah. hehe. husband lak bila org tanye dia jawapan mesti bersalin kt Kuantan. oh pleassseee~ sy nk baby nie jdk org Johore ok! nk my mother yg jaga mase confinement nnti. i know she's the best! sebenarnya bersalin di mana2 sahaja pun ok. ada yg nk keselesaan so opt for private hospital, ade yg lebih selesa bersalin di government hospital. to me, mane2 pun okay kot as long as both mommy and baby selamat. for now pun, i do go for monthly checkup kt klinik kesihatn kerajaan cuma sometime jek g private klinik. i did discuss this matter ngan my buddy and dia pun xkesah bersalin mane as long as semuanya selamat. semua ibu akan melalui pengalaman bersalin tue kan?

so hai, jgn pening2 kepala ye...

Monday, November 22, 2010

70++ days to go...

Alhamdulillah, now I'm in my 3rd trimester. so far so good. my baby is very active now. kicking, punching =) i cant believe that only 70++ days to go before i can hold my baby. how time flies! since school break just started so i can rest at home doing things that i like, i love! right now, I'm focusing on baby things. what to buy, what shouldn't buy. many things in mind right now! dizzy~
to be continued...

Friday, November 5, 2010

entering 3rd trimester...

long time havent updated this blog. i keep reading others blog tough. rite now in mind only my baby. preparation to welcome my little prince inshaAllah.going to enter 3rd trimester soon. another 2 weeks i guess. my husband is so excited with my belly. getting bigger day by day. yes, he always makes me 'rimas' coz he likes to play with that buyung belly. our child must has recognized his daddy's touch and voice! what a lovely feeling kan? until now i cant believe that i'm expecting a child in my tummy. a living thing in my tummy! hopefully everything goes well. my dear child, i love u so much!