Sunday, August 16, 2009

loco over coco

cantik kan? boleh tulis2 ape yg kita nk... sumber dari sini

yg nie mmg mcm yg sy inginkan... sumber dari sini

Dalam list hantaran sy for him ada ter'list chocolate and sy masih tercari2 chocolate mcmane nk bg kt dia nnti. i asked him but his answer just, "up to b long as its tasty!" hmm...not very convincing answer my dear. i want the exact brand, type and etc. biar senang carik. hmm, ikutkan sy mmg nk bagik patchi tp xg usha lagi. JB xde. hukhuk. anyone yg ade suggestion bleh share? hehe


Arip said...

hehe..not very convincing ke?? i want a chocolate in a box and red in colour, with red+white ribbon on top of decoration is a medium size basket with 1 box of main chocolate (describe as above and a lot of mini chocolate around it...reddish love type and white square shape...i hope this will help...any brand my dear~

ms.hai said...

mshai to arip: hehe...thanks for the idea syg

dialicious said...