Thursday, July 16, 2009

busy mode

sgt lama x update blog nie. skang sgt2 busy. aduh~ penat sgt2. kul 11 jek dh rase nk pass out. di tmpt keje sebok sgt2 ngan nazir nk dtg n mcm2 lah. wargh! nk lari dari Malaysia nie! huhu. ada gak news yg x best this week. my future mother-in-law admitted to a hospital, Pantai Medical Centre sbb kene food poison. sian mr.fiance. last month my future father-in-law ICU this month the mother lak.
Alhamdulillah both of them dh okay. sabar ye syg. esok i'll be off to KL nk visit auntie n hunting wedding thingy since this weekend free. now pun ngah mega sale kan? so, its the right time i guess nk beli brg2 such as handbag n shoes. wish me luck k!
KL, tggu sy!!!


Haliza said...

jgn sampai rambang mata time shopping :)

Arip said...

tq for coming and spending your time with its my time to come to your place...just wait for me dear~